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-The Pre-black friday sale has now ended-

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Intel® Processors Inside

We offer a range of VMs and Dedicated machines that are backed by cutting edge Intel® Xeon® Silver 4214 processors with a 3.20 GHz max Turbo frequency. These powerful 12 core processors come with a thread count of 24. The Intel® Xeon® Silver 4214 processor was launched in 2019 and is the latest addition to the new Intel® Scalable processors collection.

Pure RAID 10 SSDs

SSD or Solid State Drive is a super fast storage medium that uses flash memory as opposed to a magnetic memory. The name Solid State is due to the fact that they do not use moving elements when storing. The technology is very similar to flash drives. The absence of moving elements and hence not being vulnerable to breakage improves the performance of an SSD. They’re typically six times as fast as an HDD.

Mobile Access

A client-centered application to manage all CloudCone Services more conveniently, any time, anywhere. This comes with an on-the-go instant support feature, ability to pay your invoices directly on mobile and more. Available to download for iOS and Android.

Features Highlights

We handpicked a few user-friendly features for your cloud servers

Easy Scaling

Change your server resources instantly and enjoy scalability while paying only for what you use

Server Monitoring

Use our ‘Advanced Server Statistics’ to access critical server information under one simple dashboard

Backups & Snapshots

Enjoy your peace of mind with our reliable and affordable automated backups and snapshots 

DDoS Protection

On demand DDoS protection at network level, for free with your cloud server, powered by Voxility

Cloud Firewall

Create a secure environment for your servers by controlling traffic with a set of predetermined rules

100% Intel CPUs

Utilize the full power of Intel Xeon® processors clocked for high speed computing

High-end networks

A securely monitored network consisting of multiple 1 Gbps links to our internet backbone

OS Reinstallation

Quickly rebuild your server with a new Operating System and start from scratch


Select from a built-in library and deploy your favorite application with ease on an optimized server.

99.99% Network And Power Uptime Guarantee

If there should be any downtime, we will offer a percentage of your server pricing as credit. The credit varies depending on a few factors. Read our complete SLA for further details on credit eligibility etc.

Zero Risk, 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try out CloudCone’s products with confidence as all purchases you make are risk free. You’re entitled to a prorated refund based upon the remaining period of service. Read our complete T&C for further details.

Cloud support

Focus on your business while we handle the rest

A support team of experts, qualified and enthusiastic enough to take on any task are available 24/7. Our Cloud Associates and Cloud Engineers will work one-on-one with you to make sure all your concerns are addressed and they will not rest until your projects are online and running smoothly.

To learn more, read our support policy. In addition to our 24/7 Managed Support, you can check out our Technical Documentation at and our Help Center at for tutorials and guides.

Meet Jaden. As an L1 Cloud Associate at CloudCone, he provides support for all your sales and billing related questions as well as any basic technical inquiries. Jaden could be one of the first people you’d get to talk to at CloudCone. With his outgoing personality, Jaden is determined to give all our users a world class support experience. He values being resourceful and doesn’t hesitate to put his expertise to the best use by going the extra mile for our users.

Support Team - L1 Cloud Associate

Jaden your friendly neighborhood support

Here’s Leonard. He’s an L2 Cloud Engineer at CloudCone. Leonard’s responsibility is to provide in-depth analyses and investigations into inquiries with technical support. Dedicated to what he does, Leonard is always coming up with new ways to help our clients and resolve their inquiries. He also never backs down from an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and you can always find him catching up on industry trends and best practices.

Support Team - L2 Cloud Engineer

Leonard the cloud tech sensei/master

Latest News & updates

Christmas Flash Sale has started!

The jolly season is here and so are our Christmas Deals! End your year with a bang by deploying these Cloud Products with the biggest discounts this season.

Black Friday Mega Sale has started!

We’ve kicked off our Black Friday MEGA SALE. You can now deploy your favorite products with discounts of up to 87% OFF! Head on over to our blog to learn more.

Windows servers launched!

After a long wait, we finally launched Windows Cloud Instances. Now you can deploy a Windows Server with RDP at CloudCone with custom specs per your requirements.

Spooky season with CloudCone 👻

The season of tricks and treats is upon us. And boy have we got the treats for you! Get your hands on our chilling deals with scary-big discounts before stocks run out.

Cleaner UI with more features to use ✨

We launched an all-new version of our mobile app with exciting new features and a fresh new look. Download and use with your CloudCone account for FREE!

Deploy your favorite server app faster!

We introduced one-click applications! Cut down on hassle and save time by deploying our pre-configured applications for FREE on an optimized server with just one click.

Don’t miss your chance

We’ve got a bunch of exciting new features, products and sessional events coming up! Everything you need to know, is a sign-up away.

Find out what’s new at CloudCone 

Data Center

Comprehensive redundancy to each valuable hypervisor



Equiped with devoted coolers that are on the side of the building backed by a collection of 11 HVAC water cooled systems as well; operated by AI software.


The Electrical power is supplied through two active lines which are linked to separate Diesel Generators and backed up by two redundant UPS systems.



Bare minimum of 192 lines of dark fiber among each divergent path to numerous carrier buildings guarantees network stability and reliability 24/7.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Technology Stacks

CloudCone works with these amazing technologies to bring you our top-notch products and services

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Got more questions? Drop-in for a chat with our support team.

Will you help with migrating my existing server to CloudCone?

Yes, we can definitely help migrate if your current server has cPanel installed, and the server you purchase from us also has cPanel installed. For Non-cPanel migrations, we will evaluate your case and proceed with the best step forward.

What Payment methods do you accept?

At the moment, we support all major credit and debit cards along with PayPal and Alipay.

Are the prices recurring and how do I switch my plan?

Yes, the price you agree to initially will stay the same as long as you continue with the same plan. If you choose to switch to a different plan you can do so by upgrading to a higher plan within the same group of promotional plans.

Do you offer any free control panels?

We do offer free and paid control panels which our support team can help you install. You can also install these panels using our script installer. Simply select the template you require on the server deployment page and deploy your server.

Where are your data centers located?

Our data centers are located in Los Angeles, California with worldwide connectivity. You can go ahead and test our network with Looking Glass.

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